TrackOFF VPN Reviews – The Online Privacy Protection Software You Need

The TrackOFF VPN is an online anti-theft security software. It uses military-grade technology to hide your IP address and to shield you from other online threats. Trackers will not be able to see you (just as the name of the software implies).

You are mistaken if you believe that deleting saved cookies and clearing your browsing data prevent webmasters from tracking all of your activities on the net. Owners of malicious websites can exploit flaws in your browser to assemble a list of domains visited by you, or tagging users with cookies that remain even after the user has deleted all their cookies.


Fingerprint Techniques

Referred to as browser fingerprinting techniques, these methods abuse “Content Security Policy” and HTTP security. Can you imagine the risks if webmasters started using these security features against you? In fact, the website you are browsing right now might be performing this evil action against you. The good news is that you can thwart their evil intents with the help of good virtual private network software such as TrackOFF.

hide IP address

Use TrackOFF to Block Phishing Websites

Have you ever noticed websites in which popups appear with a request that they want to know your location? Clicking on the `allow’ option allows these sites to track your browsing activities, as well as collect private information like your credit card details when you input them on the keyboard. Stop these sites from collecting information by installing Trackoff elite on your computer. It consists of several components including an ad blocker module that traps sites that free ad blocking software does not.


TrackOFF Elite

The elite version of the Track off software blocks all outgoing or incoming traffic that you have not permitted. The TrackOFF VPN also blocks automatic downloading of huge files. You have to turn it off for a moment to download those files. Unlike other programs in the same category, few sites can detect the presence of TrackOFF privacy software, and prevent you from accessing them when you visit them through this application.

Once you download and install this software, you can safely uninstall other programs such as keystroke blockers, tracking blockers, and ad blockers, as this all in one tool performs all of these tasks. The TrackOFF privacy level is lower in the TrackOFF basic version. This permits your ISP to store a log of the sites you visit. It is strongly suggested that you visit blogs and forums dedicated to internet security and read the TrackOFF privacy software reviews posted therein. You will understand the power of this program after you read a couple of Trackoff software reviews.

You can find all functions about the basic version and the elite version of TrackOFF after you have read the rave TrackOFF review on those sites. In fact, all individuals who have read the reviews no longer feel the need to ask if TrackOFF is any good.

You should only depend on the manufacturer’s website for TrackOFF download. This ensures that you get the latest version. You can avail of both the basic and elite version on a subscription basis. It is a wise idea to try the one month’s subscription and switch over to the annual subscription plan, as that helps you get 25% discount. Stop webmasters from prying into your privacy, and block their malicious attempts with Trackoff VPN software.